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  • Posted date: 11/07/2016 04:31 pm

    On July 8th, 2016, Mrs. Maggie Brooks from Costa Rica of Central America together with her adopted son - Minh Quan Tran Ho and Mrs. Mila Otaliz - her personal assistant visited Que Huong Charity Centre in Di An Town - Binh Duong Province - Viet Nam. She donated gilfs AND THE AMOUNT OF$500 to the  orphans - inmates of the Center. Ms.Tieu Huong Huynh - founder as a director, mother of those 340 inmates expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Maggie Brooks for her kind donation, espcially her meaningful speech.  From a country very far away across the ocean Mrs Maggie Brooks has been traveling over to Vietnam  since July 2010 ,  at least 2 times a  year. Since 2012, she has been raising  money for VAVA - the Organization in charge of the victims of Agent Orange  Dioxin. She has been able to use the fund raised to build a few houses for the families of the victims in Hanoi and hopes to build several more.

    On her first visit to Vietnam, in July 2010 , she visited an orphanage and met a little baby boy who had no name at that time. He was only six weeks old and she has been taking care of him since that very first day she saw him. Every year she celebrates  his birthday on May 25th with her friends and her employees. This year she did the same thing, but told them not to buy any gifts and that if they like they can give money instead and she will buy food , toys and clothes for disadvantaged children  that do not have any parents. That is one of the reasons why she visited the Center and gave the donation.

    After the visit, Mrs. Maggie Brooks asked Ms. Huong Huynh Tieu to share her the difficulties she has to cope with in taking care of the inmates. Mrs. Maggie Brooks decided that she will continue her donation, namely the amounts of $1. 000 for uniforms and $1,600 for computers to assist the inmates in their studies in the new school year. Ms. Huong Huynh Tieu was  so very pleased to hear about that and sincerely thanked Mrs.  Maggie Brooks for the kind heart.  Through Ms. Thu Bui Thi - an English teacher in Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province acting as translator for Mrs. Maggie Brooks. Ms. Huong Huynh Tieu said : “ I’m very happy! My children will be very happy, too as thanks to Mrs. Maggie Brooks' kind assistance, my children at the Center will have uniforms to wear and computers to use. I have a lot of children to take care of, it has been difficult for me myself alone due to my sickness but now I can overcome my difficulties ”.

    In response, Mrs. Maggie Brooks stated: “I hope this will open the hearts of many people to do the same. To show thankfulness  for what we have in our lives and share it with the ones that need our love and care.”

    She hopes to come and visit the children again next time she is in Viet Nam.

    Mrs. Maggie Brooks tall with the manager of Que Huong Charity Center

    The kids performances the kungfu

    ... welcome to reprenstation of mrs. Maggie Brooks.

    Exchange with the kids

    ... present for the kids at Que Huong Charity Center

    Take the photo to memory

    The people have a beautiful heart

    Huỳnh Tiểu Hương - Trung tâm nhân đạo Quê Hương

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